Corporate Counselling

Knowledge of the brain preferences of the people within an organisation, as well as those of clients and potential clients, can be successfully applied in marketing.

What Corporate Counselling will do?

Comparing the brain profile of a job applicant with the profile developed for a specific job, could indicate the suitability of the applicant for the position.
A profile analysis of frustrated employees could result in shifts within the company, which could lead to employees being placed in positions more suitable to their preferences.
When an organisation feels the need to change(paradigm shifting), it is essential to determine the current thinking preferences of the employees of a company before deciding in which direction a shift should take place.

Process for Career Counselling

STEP: 1 - Brain Dominance Test
The Brain Dominance Test will eventually help you to understand the brain preferences of the employees and job applicants.

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STEP: 2 - Fix Career Counselling Session
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